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Into Nepal : a journal of travel among snow capped peaks

An epic roadtrip from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal along the winding prithvi highway.

We arrived in Kathmandu in the early days of February, with winter almost at thaw. The winter months offer some of the best days to scale and trek along Nepal’s gorgeous mountains.

day 01 : Kathmandu dawn - as seen from our hotel room

Kathmandu in the winter is dusty; Dusty as in an understatement.

The cold winter air with its dry and low precipitation turns the whole of Kathmandu into a dust bowl. Everything was coated in a fine layer of fine pulverized earth, and it hung in the air: the motorcar air filters not to mention the lungs were having a field day.

Dusty roads - The dry winter makes the soil all out dry and powdery resulting in thick layer of dust covering almost everything.

The streets of thamel in kathmandu is tourist hotspot - we stayed in a hotel here. The streets are narrow and full of vibrance

Kathmandu was a jam packed city bustling with culture and activity: but it somehow lacks the quietness and charm of Pokhara as we discovered further on our travels

Rooftop terraces along the narrow streets of Thamel, Kathmandu

We had a local driver as our chaperone on our road trip to pokhara. Manoj was a skilled driver with much experience driving along the winding and twisty roads: having driven long ranging busses, some of which take up to 16 hours to get to their respective destinations.With him behind the wheel of his trusty and surprisingly immaculate Skoda rapid , we set off on our way.

Departing Kathmandu in the early morning hours - helps avoid the chaotic traffic which is pretty commonplace there.

The arduous process of getting out of Kathmandu had to be seen to be believed. Tightly packed streets, chaotic road traffic and a sprinkling of uniformed traffic wardens is all in the mix.

Kathmandu in the early morning hours

We departed early morning to avoid the congestion , but there was still a whole wad of activity all about Kathmandu roads in the chilly morning hours. The road seemed to be under construction and was a bit uphill as we departed Kathmandu ( the Skoda was surprisingly good at deadening the humps and bumps) , and we looked back to see the whole of the city and it’s nestled valley choked in dust - something we were glad to depart.

Looking back on Kthmandu - you can clearly see the dust enveloping the city.

Leaving Kathmandu behind we continued along the twisty road to our destination – Pokhara. The road is picturesque to say the least; soon we came to see the whole splendor of the nepali mountains before us.

Facebook? Yes!! nepali truckers have a distinct sense of humor

Stopping to look at the mountains.

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