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Rawla Mrignayani Palace

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

A touch of history and culture complimenting your stay.

If you plan to explore and experience the destination you are headed out to, it's best to find accommodation in a place where convenience and comfort go hand in hand. This coupled with your budget, are perhaps the key factors of choosing your stay.

When we planning our visit to Jaipur, India - the above were things we were considering when it came to finding a place to stay. We planned 3 days at Jaipur, so we wanted a place that had easy access to the city and its attractions while being true and complimentary to the culture found there in Rajasthan.

you might be travelling most of the day - but you'd want to come back to a place thats a bit nice.

Furthermore, we wanted an affordable and cheap accommodation that was pro Backpacker , but unlike a hostel.

What we found was the Rawla Mrignayani Palace.

The Rawla Mrignayani Palace is a heritage property. It still has retained much of the history and character of a traditional Haveli in many respects. Visiting there seems a walk back into the rich history surrounding Rajasthan and a glimpse of what life could be, with all the color and vibrance all around you.

That's our room in the right , with the ac unit coming out through the window

It is indeed one of the oldest havelis of Jaipur with a rich history spanning almost 200 years. It was built by ‘Rao Kripa Ram’ of Chaksu, the then Prime minister for the state of Jaipur. The current hosts of the Haveli are the direct descendants of the prime minister.

Nestled in the heart of the Pink city, the hotel offers easy access to all the important sightseeing and shopping hubs of Jaipur and most importantly can be directly accessible via vehicle. From the local airport it takes only around 20 minutes to get there.

The road leading up to the Haveli is a bit dismal and shoddy, but it hides what's inside. We arrived in the winter months, so the area surrounding the hotel was really dusty - we almost were taken aback when we approached the hotel, but we were in for a pleasant surprise.

The entrance to the hotel

Once you get past the check in counter, the true beauty of the Haveli is laid bare.

There are narrow steps and a beautiful courtyard with a quaint water fountain. This also serves as the place for the restaurant and one of the places to have dinner on the premises.

The ornate colored windows at the reception.

The Rooms.

The rooms are well appointed and are well furnished. There was a hint of a dusty smell, but in the winter months that can't be helped. The washrooms rooms are clean and spacious - we even had a bathtub in ours!

For the price range we were paying, which was around 3000LKR or 1600 Indian rupees per day , the accommodation was superb!

the keys to our room : with a proper Rajasthani touch

There's plenty of hot water to go around and if by chance your water heater suddenly gives up and dies, the in-house technician / fix it person - jaswant Singh, will be there promptly and fix it up for you.

Beds are comfy and they provide you with thick blankets. This comes in handy for the chilly nights that you can expect there (if you travel in the winter months this is especially great! —it was almost 6 degrees at night the first day we visited)

In all its a well-appointed room that is very much worth every buck you spend!

Atmosphere and what to look out for.

The many terraces on the Haveli

The Haveli extrudes a wordless feeling of culture and history throughout your stay. The structure and the way the rooms and narrow corridors are placed accentuate this. There are many roof traces, ranging from small to big and you a can have a wonderful time exploring them.

Truth be told the Haveli looks its age. The paint has lost its luster and the place is in a seemingly state of disrepair. but all the necessities work great and the place is secure and safe.

The courtyard where dinner is served

The best places to go while at the Haveli, are perhaps the rooftop terraces, from there you can get an almost 360 view of the entire Jaipur City. You'll be able to see the Nahargarh Fort in the distance, perched on the cliffs running next to the city, and also be able to see glimpses of the city Palace. At night, and early in the mornings, it's a treat to be up there (if you can brave the freezing cold)

Nahargarh Fort seen in the distance

The view at night , and in the early morning is amazing from the rooftop terrace.

Food and hospitality.

The food is traditional and pretty wholesome, prepared mostly by the hostess herself in most cases. She is a cheerful and outspoken person, who always offered us help and advice in our travels into the city. She was not fluent in English but she was amused at our attempts at basic hindi. She and her daughter were invaluable help and showed us great hospitality.

The hotel serves both breakfast and dinner, but you need to inform them beforehand if you plan on taking dinner.

Talking of hospitality - the staff greet you when you arrive by showering you with Rose petals and offering you sweet lassi, as per the custom ( we were very surprised at this gesture, never before having had a shower of rose petals or any kind of flower petal in that manner)

  • Tip - ask the reception if you need with a getting a local sim or want to hire a taxi ( for both long and short leg journeys) .They are extremely helpful and courteous.

If you wake up early , there is a roadside milk collection and retail fare right close to the hotel , on the opposite main road.

An early morning walk along near empty streets

Summing it up.

  • If you want a hotel with history and culture, that is right at the heart of Jaipur - this is that place for you.

  • A good destination for both the backpacker and the average traveler, keen to explore the city.

  • Excellent photo opportunities all throughout the Haveli premises.

  • The rates are very reasonable and it gives you a good starting off point to start your adventures in Jaipur.

  • Fair to good Wi-Fi ( the upper levels don't have good reception) and plenty of hot water all day around.

  • There’s a laundry and ironing facility there, so you needn’t worry about wrinkly cloths.

  • The best place to have a room is on the upper levels, with close access to the roof terrace, especially if you want to come out and see the sunrise or want to take in the night lights over Jaipur.

Overall, a good place to start out your India experience, if you plan Jaipur as your first destination.

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